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Retail and Hospitality

The retail and hospitality industry pose some of the greatest challenges to construction and demolitions contractors.
Demolition works can create all manner of hazards such as dust and noise and are often required to be performed within shopping centres
with high public traffic and many other retailers still operating.
These hazards need to be well managed within the hospitality and retail sectors and most often can only be performed within well protected,
hoarded sites and after hours when other retailers are closed.
In these difficult conditions you want to know that your project runs smoothly without incident or nuisance to other retailers and the public.

• Highly Professional
• Effective and safe hazard management
• After hours operations
• Proven methodology
• Work safe compliant
• Fast and efficient
• Highly resourced
• Shop De-fits / Make Good
• Shop front removal
• All services terminations
• Fire sprinkler capping and terminations
• Supply and install intertenancy walls
• Floor grinding
• Floor levelling
• Site Hoarding